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When a Camel Breaks Your Heart - Kodi Scheer

I bought this book because of that wondrous title.  At first I surmised it must be figurative but the blurb affirmed that it is indeed a camel that breaks this poor girl's heart without it being an update of furry companion stories. 


This short story is simply about a girl waking up one morning to find that her boyfriend is now a camel.  To say it with more complexity it is the analysis of the breakdown of a relationship.  Yes, he quite literally turns into a camel but then it works just as well figuratively.  In a world where injustice, strife and unfairness rule to bring out the very worst in people - especially people you once loved - it is not so far a stretch to imagine them wholly foreign entities, so different from what you once knew. 


Some reviews have hinted at undertones and metaphors of domestic violence and that might be so but for me the real issue brought home by Kodi Scheer's brilliantly told story is that of the affect of the global current climate on individuals.  This isn't about the bigger picture but the every day effects of that regressive coldness engulfing those very things that matter above all else. 


Kodi Scheer's writing, wit, and sense of the bizarre blur that line between the literal and the figurative so that this story keeps you pondering over every aspect again and again. 


Highly recommended and I'm happy to note that 'Incendiary Girls' - a collection of her stories - is about to be released. Yay!