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Rushed - Brian Harmon

At the time of writing this review, this book is free on kindle at amazon and I highly recommend that you get it. 

This book is a rush; rush of adrenalin, rush of emotions and just such a wild ride.  It starts off slow by describing a feeling, a deep yearning to be somewhere else - something we've all felt in some way or another.  That voice that calls and as much as we wish (or hope) that it is inspiration or destiny, it could easily be instinct pulling you down another bad mistake.  Though people say there aren't 'mistakes' in life only experiences.  However Brian Harmon takes that notion and spins it on its head.  I honestly didn't know where the book was taking me, but much like the protagonist Eric, I threw caution to the wind and fell headlong into the journey. 

This story is full of adventure, mystery with good helpings of the plain horrifying and downright scary.  

The premise is interesting and Brian Harmon is able to keep you invested in the protagonist's journey easily.  However the pace is uneven after the half way point but nothing so terrible as to make me forget about Eric.  It does seem to feel a little padded.  However you could even say that my annoyance was partly down to the excitement Brian Harmon had elicited in me in needing to know the end because it was desire that propelled me forward and not just plain curiosity.  All in all I think if you're a reader of adventure rather than thrillers, you'll be happier with the pacing and plotting but either way I'd recommend this wonderful book to you.