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The Road Less Travelled  - Morning's Hope


Title: The Road Less Travelled
Author: Morning's Hope
Publisher: M.H.
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"The Road Less Travelled" by Morning's Hope were of 'five fictional steams of consciousness narratives covering the concepts of love, hope, trust, courage and gratefulness.' This author will present to the reader five topics.

JUST A LITTLE ABOUT EACH SHORT STORY....and what I liked most:

Hope: The Last Grasp...presenting a story of hope
A story of a young man... on this trip in the valley
a quote from the read:

The fragile cracks he had noticed before seemed more like grooves shaped like hierarchal branches of trees and looked very much like the bronchial tubes of lungs.

He had won this game. He felt no elation as he would not dare indulge himself. The considerate wind caressed the back of his neck like the cooling palms of a mother’s care. He wondered if all valleys were like this one.

Courage: Blue...'What's your favorite colour? note the spelling of colour?

A conversation between Lily and Jasper...paintings.. her blue eyes
a quote from the read:
He moved in front of the painting she had chosen. It was one of the few paintings of Lily in colour. He smiled knowingly as he told himself, ‘Of course, it had to be this one.’ He removed his tinted glasses to view his favorite portrait for what might be the last time. He noticed something he had not noted in a long while: her blue eyes.

Trust: Zofi
the smile
a quote from the read:
The alienation of the soul means we are unable to trust ourselves. To know thyself is to know your character and not to become lost in the details of femininity and culture, as much as they engender beautiful diversity. My story isn’t about a man saving me. It is about trusting myself that I would allow a trustworthy person to help. I am not against men but rather I am against oppression. I am not a feminist
but rather I am a fighter. I fight for what is good for me as a person and thereby I fight for what is good for all people. Unlike the majority of others, both men and women alike, I can trust myself when everything else falls by the wayside. In my night's horizon this is akin to spying a supernova.

Love: The Princess and the Warrior
a quote from the read:
For love is so vast
a thing that it cannot be contained within comprehension.
Yours is forever an unspoken right,
Over a piece of my heart,
That no other could ever enter,
And where you are always welcome,
Never forbidden nor in need of permission.
Yours is forever an unbreakable claim,
Over possession of my hand,
That none shall hold,
And where you are always wanted,
Never found nor ever replaced.


Gratefulness: Form
a quote from the read:
“I love words. We try in vain to hold onto to moments like dust caught in sunlight,
grasping unto nothing but despair when all we need are a few syllables to add weight
to them turning seconds into eons into an eternity. Words are underrated. They
could melt rocks and make mountains blush. I am sure there is a combination which
could coerce the stars to spell out my beloved's name, if only I would seek hard
enough.” I paused to pay due attention to this moment since I was about to
complicate our circumstance. “I would have them spell out your name…because…I
think you’re wonderful.”
Those lying mirrors! I thought as I noticed he was close to me now. They had
always shown me as ugly but seeing my reflection in his eyes I could see that I too
was capable of being captivating. I released my heart and added an addendum,
“And I love you.”
He smiled his grinning, smirking, beaming, twinkling smile at me.

Now, to figure out just what this author is relaying in each of her five topics you must pick up "The road Less Travelled" to read it for yourself. It will all come together from this well written script.
I was left thinking wow...she covers it all...love, hope, trust, courage and gratefulness with the "central theme of the importance of contemplation."