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*spoilerish* unless you've read the blurbs...

I loved this read!  The book had me from 'a boy who kills the dead' - paint me intrigued.  Cas is endearing from the beginning - that wonderful balance of naive and cocky. 

Kendare Blake has written a beautiful book around this interesting premise - kudos to her because that's where I feel most authors fail.  Seeing that this book is about ghosts, it creates an eerie, often gory background landscape that weaves itself onto the normal life of most.  I love, just loved how the ghosts' stories carry poignancy in their journey to becoming bitter and damaged (I can truly relate there...) so that you feel that pinch of 'why did it end up like this?' though obviously their menace has taken on a form that must now be stopped.  It's that struggle of present justice over past yet you can't help but wish to go back in time and dole out justice in a timely manner, more fairly but this isn't a time-travelling story, well not in the truest sense because of course the ghosts are in some way stuck in their own past.  I digress, what I meant to imply is that there is a real presence of danger and this book is not along the lines of a scooby-doo who dunnit mystery.  You fear for Cas.  Thank goodness for Tibbles, I just always felt safe when he was around...yeah I'm a cat lady.

As for the romance, it was very superficial, less Buffy & Angel and more like loving a celebrity.  You don't really give it much respect.  I thought that aspect was disappointing just because falling in love with someone that's never going to work out is also a speciality of mine and I just love reading about how others deal with that - even fictional others.  However this isn't a romance book and this little nit pick did not sour my enjoyment of the book at all.  Cas' feelings and 'relationship' with his father made up for all that because as Robert Benchly said, 'Death ends a life not a relationship,' which I kind of see reflected (or refracted) with Cas' and Anna.

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