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I lost touch with books for about a decade because of life but thankfully I am able to return to this beautiful world. Eclectic mix from YA to erotica. I blame fanfic.

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Thirteen Reasons Why - Jay Asher

I loved, absolutely adored the first three quarters of this book, then things began to annoy me.  In way the brilliance of the better half was its own undoing. I don't think I could imagine an end grand enough to satisfy the tension, expectation and hope the book had engendered within me.  However that all said, this is still one the best books I've read in my life, I even went out and bought the paperback (having first read a borrowed book from the library) because I know that I will return to it time and again - even though now the mysteries hold no secrets and the end left me sour. Why? Because Jay Asher has composed an insightful, well thought and excellently paced book. It's compelling, intriguing and not one character is uninteresting or blerg! 

The whole premise is just so heartbreaking but when you 'listening' along with the other characters, Hannah seems so much alive.  She's such an wonderful characterization that you can't help but grieve with Clay.  Jay Asher takes all that repugnant 'social etiquette' of teenage life and in raw details reminds you why adulthood feels so comforting now.  

It's a page turner and I read this in one sitting, though work the next day was a nightmare but I don't regret a thing because this book is one of my favourite reading experiences.  It's how mysteries should be written - with wit and heart.  

Highly recommended.