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Cress - Marissa Meyer

I could not get my hands on this book quick enough. This series has me hooked.  Thankfully this book continues the story in utterly compelling way and nothing upset me or ruined the reading experience. Marissa Meyer's writing skills really come into play and you can see her mastery over her art as she intricately weaves all the narratives together.  You can literally read all the planning and afterthought she has put in and yet it flows effortlessly.  Although I preferred Scarlet in this series, I have given this five stars just because of that.

I didn't fall for Cress as quickly as the other two heroines, but like them she is undeniably strong.  Cress is relatively naive - more of a dreamer I guess.  Her strange, awkward ways make her very endearing.  However I think my favourite is still Cinder, she's just got this determined way that really speaks to me though she might fear the person she's coming to be, I think she's awesome. 

If you have liked this series so far, you won't be disappointed, it's more of the same but everything is intensified. If you haven't been impressed thus far then I don't think this book will change your mind (unless you're the kind of person that reads all the 'tangled' fan fic you can get your hands on.)  I loved the series and this book was the satisfying fix I needed.  Heads up though, there's still one more book to come in the series so the story doesn't end here.