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I lost touch with books for about a decade because of life but thankfully I am able to return to this beautiful world. Eclectic mix from YA to erotica. I blame fanfic.

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The Making of Asian America: A History
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3,096 Days - Natascha Kampusch



This is Natascha's story.  It's not about what he did to her or what they thought of it; it is her story.  It is in the beginning her memories of the person she was before it happened, in the aftermath and for its duration.  It is about her feelings that made her the woman she is today, the girl that endured through it and the person lost in between. 


Don't read this book if you're looking for details. This isn't that kind of book, this isn't about why or how but about her: Natascha.  I find it funny that people talk about her, like she's still a child, condescending to know better than her without ever living through something remotely similar to her experiences.  If you want to know her story then read this book.  Her voice is her own and it's honest, wild and profound.