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I lost touch with books for about a decade because of life but thankfully I am able to return to this beautiful world. Eclectic mix from YA to erotica. I blame fanfic.

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*spoilerish* for people who know me and can read between the lines.

Celaena (wonderful names by the way) remains a layered characterization, someone who you root for but always with trepidation.  Like real people, she's doesn't live in world of black and white which is reflected well in her personalty.  There's just so much action and plot for the reader and Celaena to get stuck into. 

The whole Chaol vs Dorian lovelines, were finely woven in, so that I didn't feel that they were distraction or driving force of the plot either.  Again these characterizations aren't easy to read which makes the story so much more enjoyable.  All the other secondary characters are excellently developed, so that the world feels fully formed and vivid.  This is a good thing because you need a strong base of reference to fit all the lies and deception onto otherwise it would have ended up feeling fake, just set pieces of betrayal.  It really comes across more of a mystery that needs unravelling and understanding. In the end I was wholly satisfied and never made to feel a chump or made to scorn.  Sarah Maas handles the multiple plot lines with finesse and I truly enjoyed the page turner with much excitement. 

The only reason I didn't give it five stars is because I found it lacking in terms of 'saying something' which is more a personal penchant rather than criticism of the book.  I would definitely recommend it to readers of YA fantasy.